Saturday, October 30, 2010

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Monday, September 27, 2010

1. Spengler The formerly anonymous Asia Times Online blogger offered a wonderful Terry Jones: asymmetrical warrior post. Spengler is the pseudonym of David P. Goldman, an economist, Bank of America executive, ex-Lyndon LaRouche devotee, former Reagan supporter and a fascinating blogger. Spengler reasoned that "a madman carrying a match and a copy of the Koran could do more damage to the Muslim world than a busload of suicide bombers," because Islam was particularly "vulnerable to theological war." Spengler gave evidence how and why “theological weapons” may prove to be effective against a “fractious” Islam. Terry Jones, of course, is a character who could have sprung from the pages of Flannery O'Connor. Part huckster, part con man, part religious zealot, Jones has "wise blood" (O’Connor’s words about one of her actual characters) and cannot escape his realization that Islam is theologically fallible.
2. Zombie This anonymous blogger had numerous excellent posts recently. In the days B.G.B. (before Glenn Beck) few knew the names Cloward and Piven, two Columbia University sociologists who, in the Sixties, intended to “destroy the economy as a necessary precursor to a more drastic redistributionist/socialist makeover of society,” by overloading government social programs. In his The Obama-Piven Strategy post, Zombie described Obama’s “muddled combination of Democratic Strategy and the Cloward-Pivan” destructiveness. His is an administration whose Science czar John Holdren speaks aloud about the “de-development” of the country. The Obama administration pushes cap and trade legislation that would eliminate millions of jobs and force energy prices to “necessarily skyrocket” (Obama’s words). How is it his administration seems to mirror the audacious hope of Sixties radicals bent on economic destruction?
3. Thomas Sowell In his Time to be Serious About National Security post on Real Clear Politics, Sowell said that “those who were thrilled” by the prospect of change that Obama peddled during his election campaign likely never realized “that it is a change for the worse-runaway government spending, under the banners of ‘stimulus’ and ‘jobs.’” Yet the most devastating changes that Obama has made, according to Sowell, are “alienating our long-time allies, … reneging on our commitments to putting up a missile shield in Eastern Europe and…doing nothing meaningful to stop the leading terror-sponsoring nation in the world, Iran, from getting nuclear weapons.” Change for the worse: you better believe it.
4. Shannon Love The Chicago Boyz blogger contributed a splendid Palin and the Left’s Status-Anxiety post. Chicago Boyz is an intelligent blog dedicated, not to the Chicago crew that currently holds the White House, but a group associated with the University of Chicago and the city, including F. A. Hayek, actually worthy of veneration. Love argued that leftists “restrict status not by merit but by conformity to their own life pattern.” Sarah Palin does not conform. But shouldn’t the President-to-be enjoy some measure of esteem for the office?
5. Victor Davis Hanson In his ‘Like a Dog’: The Origins of Barack Obama’s Petulance on Pajamas Media, Hanson described how Obama has been “singularly exempt from the usual requirements” and has been accorded “deference not warranted by actual achievement” in gaining educational opportunities, political office and even the Nobel Peace Prize. It’s discernible how one who has been gushed over so much for so little would be perturbed when the petting ceased.
6. Ace of Spades The oft-quoted, oft-cited and oft-obscene Ace of Spades and his co-bloggers were hilarious all month with posts such as Wisconsin Senate Race Moves From “Likely Republican” to “Likely Skullfuck, Face the Racists: Obama’s Town Hall 50% less Changey, 80% Less Hopey Than Expected and Obamacare Worse Than Imagined. Ace wrote that “everything they said (about Obamacare) was a lie.” Okay, we know Obama’s not a Muslim. But we also know that Obama’s father was a Muslim, his stepfather was a Muslim and he attended public school in Muslim Indonesia. How much of the teaching rubbed off on him? For instance, does Obama accept the concept of takiyya, that deception is all right as long as one deceives to promote Islam, in other words, to promote a supposedly righteous agenda? Would takiyya make it acceptable for a non-Muslim who is understandably Muslim-impressed to claim that he was bending the health care cost curve downward when, in fact, he was bending it up?
7. Frank J. Fleming Frank J. and the folks at IMAO (In My Arrogant Opinion) took a massive load of pleasure at the expense of Obama (lolbama) and the Democrats’ new logo (loldemocratlogo). Gosh, that Saul Alinsky fellow had the right idea. Ridicule can be powerful fun. Derision is a delight. Goad your opponent into doing something stupid.
8. Allahpundit As a reformed Unitarian, the poignarbiter has little use for atheists. After all, didn’t Saint Thomas Aquinas settle the dispute about the existence of God, once and for all, back in the thirteenth century? However, the atheistic and prolific Allahpundit was all over Hot Air all month, almost omnipresent or something.
9. Johnny Rotten With typical Sex Pistols aplomb, as reported at Weekly Standard, Rotten said to the Independent newspaper “If Elvis-f-ing-Costello wants to pull out of a gig in Israel because he’s suddenly got this compassion for Palestinians, then good on him…Until I see an Arab country, a Muslim country, with a democracy, I won’t understand how anyone can have a problem with how they’re treated.” God save the Queen and God save Johnny Rotten.
10. Vodkapundit Stephen Green, in his Change That Matters post on Pajamas Media, questioned the ebbing sanity of the nation. “We’re governed by Democrats,” he wrote. “That can do things to a country.” A bracing dose of Vodkapundit every once and again, helps us to stay frosty.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Has there ever been a time in this country more erosive of inalienable rights? King George would be impressed. The new installment of poignant conservatives power rankings turns to the blogosphere for its distinctions because nowadays the expectation of the poignarbiter to exit the autobahn to serfdom, to paraphrase F. A. Hayek, seems to rely upon participatory journalists. The blogosphere is a potent source of conservative poignancy. These blogs are must-reads.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

1. Ken Cuccinelli: Cuccinelli was everywhere recently. CBS News, the Washington Post magazine, Fox News Channel’s On the Record with Greta Van Susteren and America Live with Megyn Kelly all featured the Virginia Attorney General. Virginia’s lawsuit against the Federal Government’s health-care mandate was, Cuccinelli said, “more about liberty than health-care.” It was about “a massive expansion” of governmental reach. Give him liberty or give him a death panel.

2. Chris Christie: On, the Governor declared there was “no one left to pay for this problem.” Christie offered up HOPE that New Jersey could curb their unfunded pension pyramid and CHANGE from red ink to red state.

3. Thomas Sowell: On, the brilliant economist and columnist pointed out the administration’s folly of “saved jobs” with the General Motors bailout. Sowell said that there was “no net economic gain” in rescuing “union political supporters” at the expense of other workers “whose products taxpayers would have bought with the money (the government) took away from them.” Sowell also said that even Democrats were making statements that were “like saying that the emperor had no clothes.” But one needn’t be a fashionista to know when one’s junk is swinging.

4. Paul Ryan: Ryan, Wisconsin’s U. S. Representative-thinker, provided his Roadmap Plan 2.0 to guide the country out of Obama’s oblivion. Ryan, like everyone except the ruling class and its apologists, understands the difference between manageable debt and unsustainable deficits.

5. Mark Levin: The Great One invoked “the great Paul Harvey” in offering “the rest of the story before conferring sainthood upon Shirley Sherrod.” Levin read from Ron Wilkins’s startling account of Sherrod and her husband’s abusive treatment of black workers when the couple managed New Communities, Inc. in Georgia in the 1970s. UPDATE: New allegations against Charles and Shirley Sherrod.

6. Sarah Palin: “…cojones...” Metaphorically, Palin donned the wrestling ring attire of Macho Man Savage, the over-sized sunglasses, bandana and spangled cowboy hat, to call out Barack Obama on illegal immigration policy. Ooh, yeah!

7. Pamela Geller: The fastest riser on the list, Geller might look like she lives for Bergdorf Goodman but the lady BRINGS IT. Recently she published The Post-American Presidency and, on her prolific website atlasshrugs,com, railed against honor killings, jihadists, “Obama’s many, many anti-Israel playmates” and the proposed Ground Zero mosque which is clearly meant not to comfort, but to defile.

8. Rand Paul: The Kentucky Senate candidate, on Fox News Channel’s Hannity, took exception to characterizations of him and said the Democrats “cannot make the debate about something else.” Extremism, he said, is “what they are doing in Washington.” Physician, heal thy republic.

9. Glenn Beck: His influence is prodigious. A single mention of a book on his television show rockets it to the top of sales charts. Recently, Beck continued to remind us that Obama’s parents were communists, his mentors were communists, many of his czars are communists, some of his advisors are communists, his former spiritual advisor is a communist, his present spiritual advisor is a communist and some of his pals in Chicago are communists. What does that say about the Chairman himself?

10. Victor Davis Hanson: On, Hanson questioned the logic of federal immigration policy by asking “why does Washington sue a state that seeks to enhance federal immigration laws and yet ignore cities that blatantly try to erode them?” Writing in Time magazine in 2007, Michael Elliott said that “when we are uncertain of our own bearings” we return to the classics. While Elliott was being critical of the Bush Administration, his assertion is certainly true today. Hanson is a preeminent classicist and author, as well as a farmer, and his sinewy words allow us to stay frosty.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

The power rankings celebrate the most profound, incisive and biting conservative commentary. Realistically, Rush Limbaugh could be permanently installed in the top spot. Rush has been redistributing his caustic wisdom to the conservative-thinking proletariat for many years. As everyone knows, his talents are "on loan from God." But remember that on the Web, the poignarbiter don't surf. He seeks out the icy glare of conservative poignancy.