Sunday, August 8, 2010

1. Ken Cuccinelli: Cuccinelli was everywhere recently. CBS News, the Washington Post magazine, Fox News Channel’s On the Record with Greta Van Susteren and America Live with Megyn Kelly all featured the Virginia Attorney General. Virginia’s lawsuit against the Federal Government’s health-care mandate was, Cuccinelli said, “more about liberty than health-care.” It was about “a massive expansion” of governmental reach. Give him liberty or give him a death panel.

2. Chris Christie: On, the Governor declared there was “no one left to pay for this problem.” Christie offered up HOPE that New Jersey could curb their unfunded pension pyramid and CHANGE from red ink to red state.

3. Thomas Sowell: On, the brilliant economist and columnist pointed out the administration’s folly of “saved jobs” with the General Motors bailout. Sowell said that there was “no net economic gain” in rescuing “union political supporters” at the expense of other workers “whose products taxpayers would have bought with the money (the government) took away from them.” Sowell also said that even Democrats were making statements that were “like saying that the emperor had no clothes.” But one needn’t be a fashionista to know when one’s junk is swinging.

4. Paul Ryan: Ryan, Wisconsin’s U. S. Representative-thinker, provided his Roadmap Plan 2.0 to guide the country out of Obama’s oblivion. Ryan, like everyone except the ruling class and its apologists, understands the difference between manageable debt and unsustainable deficits.

5. Mark Levin: The Great One invoked “the great Paul Harvey” in offering “the rest of the story before conferring sainthood upon Shirley Sherrod.” Levin read from Ron Wilkins’s startling account of Sherrod and her husband’s abusive treatment of black workers when the couple managed New Communities, Inc. in Georgia in the 1970s. UPDATE: New allegations against Charles and Shirley Sherrod.

6. Sarah Palin: “…cojones...” Metaphorically, Palin donned the wrestling ring attire of Macho Man Savage, the over-sized sunglasses, bandana and spangled cowboy hat, to call out Barack Obama on illegal immigration policy. Ooh, yeah!

7. Pamela Geller: The fastest riser on the list, Geller might look like she lives for Bergdorf Goodman but the lady BRINGS IT. Recently she published The Post-American Presidency and, on her prolific website atlasshrugs,com, railed against honor killings, jihadists, “Obama’s many, many anti-Israel playmates” and the proposed Ground Zero mosque which is clearly meant not to comfort, but to defile.

8. Rand Paul: The Kentucky Senate candidate, on Fox News Channel’s Hannity, took exception to characterizations of him and said the Democrats “cannot make the debate about something else.” Extremism, he said, is “what they are doing in Washington.” Physician, heal thy republic.

9. Glenn Beck: His influence is prodigious. A single mention of a book on his television show rockets it to the top of sales charts. Recently, Beck continued to remind us that Obama’s parents were communists, his mentors were communists, many of his czars are communists, some of his advisors are communists, his former spiritual advisor is a communist, his present spiritual advisor is a communist and some of his pals in Chicago are communists. What does that say about the Chairman himself?

10. Victor Davis Hanson: On, Hanson questioned the logic of federal immigration policy by asking “why does Washington sue a state that seeks to enhance federal immigration laws and yet ignore cities that blatantly try to erode them?” Writing in Time magazine in 2007, Michael Elliott said that “when we are uncertain of our own bearings” we return to the classics. While Elliott was being critical of the Bush Administration, his assertion is certainly true today. Hanson is a preeminent classicist and author, as well as a farmer, and his sinewy words allow us to stay frosty.

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